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Beloved Ones,
The times you are living in now contains all the elements that could possibly be found in a world of duality. For those of you who have been focused on rising above the fray and fall out of the dying paradigm, it may seem that the world has gone mad and only chaos rules the day. Please keep in mind that these are the end times spoken of before and that those who have been wielding power over the masses are desperately trying to continue to instill fear within the hearts of humanity so that they can be controlled. The good news is that the majority of the world’s people are not buying into those old programs of belief. They are simply going on with their lives and working toward their own goals and not giving any credence to the happenings that are seemingly about to overwhelm the world. They are seeing that it is only the world as seen through the lens of the entertainment news industry.

你们现在生活的时期涵盖了二元性的世界中可寻找到的所有元素。对于你们中那些一直把精力集中在从即将死亡的范型中提升与脱离的人们来说,看似的情形是这个 世界已经不在,仅剩下的就是每一天的混乱。请记住,这是之前提到过的结束时刻,同时那些挥舞着权力压迫群体大众的人现在正绝望的试图在人类的心灵之中以恐 惧继续灌输,好让他们依旧被控制。好消息是世界上的大多数人都不再对陈旧的信仰编程买账。他们只想过自己的生活并为自己的目标奋斗,而不再对看似即将淹没 这个世界的种种发生给出任何信任的态度。他们正看清这只是通过娱乐新闻行业所透射出的假象。

The people themselves are hungry for change and wish to thrive in their experience of incarnation in a human body. They want to reconnect to the natural elements in the foods they eat, the environment they live in and the other inhabitants who share this world with them. Because of the easy access to the technology and information that is readily available, each person can simply go online and do searches to discover the information that helps them move forward in their understanding of a given subject. It takes but a few moments to see that what is being touted on the entertainment news channels is nothing new or different. It is simply another version of the formula of create a problem, create the reaction and then provide the solution that they wanted to implement in the first place. When people understand what is at play, they simply move on and do not give their energy and attention to it and this is what is happening now.

人们自己正焦急渴望着改变,希望在一副人类载具的体验中享受丰饶。他们希望在自己所 吃的食物,生活的环境和其他与他们分享这个世界的居民们连接上大自然的元素。因为通向新科技和信息的渠道现在是完全可行的,每个人都能够简单的走上网络并 自行搜索相关的信息,来帮助他们对一个给定的主题获得自己的理解。不过这需要一些时间才能看清娱乐媒体上面所兜售的完全没有任何的新意或不同。这仅仅只是 制造一个问题的另外一种公式—制造问题,捏造出相似的回应假象,随后提供他们在一开始就希望获得的解决方案。(译者:在这里和大卫.艾克所提到 的,problem,reaction,solution完全一致,这就是黑暗势力一直在用的手段,奴役大众的思维)当人们懂得在上演的是什么把戏,便会 淡然的离开,而不会再给予他们的能量和意图给它,而这就是现在正发生的情形。

The majority of the people in the world are peaceful and simply want to live a peaceful life. In many parts of the world, people are standing together to make their statements to those who are supposed to be serving them and it is in these situations that the powers that be bring in their own elements to make it seem that the protesters are out of control and must be subjugated in order for order to be restored. This scenario plays out in most public gatherings of people throughout the planet who are peacefully standing for change and it is part of the repertoire of those who are in power. It requires a dedication from those who stand for change, to desire to stand in peace while making a statement and it has become important for these people to not be in reaction to those elements who try to make the whole gathering look violent. It requires awareness and discernment on the part of the peaceful protesters. It requires huge self control of every member of the peaceful gathering.

世界上的大多数人是爱好和平的,而且只希望生活在一个拥有和平的世界里。在世界上的 许多地方,人们正团结起来向那些被认作是为他们服务的人做出集体的声明,在这样的情形当中那些有着自己议程并手握权力的人会制造出这些反对者如疯子一般, 而必须为了秩序的恢复被予以征服。这种剧情在跨越整个星球的大多数不断集结的人群中上演着,他们只是和平的希望改变,而这又是那些手握大权的人一直保留 的。那么对于那些为转变而坚定自己的人来说就需要一种献身的精神,意愿在和平中坚定自己,同时又做出一个声明,同时很重要的一点就是看清那些对那些因素并 不回应却试图把整体的集会制造成看似暴力的这些人的手段。它需要以明觉与分辨的意识看出谁是以和平态度行事的反对者。它也需要和平集会的每个成员巨大的自 我掌控力。

As the energies from the cosmos continue to flood the planet, humanity as a whole is being awakened into remembrance of their right to live their lives in peace and sovereignty. By integrating the greater light in the higher frequencies that surrounds them, they are opened to new perspectives that were not seen nor recognized before. The Light is the revolutionary catalyst that is bringing the changes that all have desired to see in their world. It is not easy for humanity when the changes within them first begin to take place and this is now happening with regular occurrence. The Light brings an ending to the comfortable illusions that were woven into everyday living here on this planet. The Light requires a readjustment in one’s perceptions. The Light begins to open up avenues of conduct that brings greater light to all.

由于来自宇宙的能量在继续席卷这颗星球,人类作为整体正被带入觉醒的意识,回忆起他 们生活在和平与主权的正当权利。通过在围绕自己的更高频率中整合更高的光之能量,人们向新的观点开放自己,而这在过去还未被看到或是确认。神圣之光便是这 次革命的催化剂,带来世界中所有人共同追求梦想的改变。对于人类来说,当这些转变首次在他们之中发生的时候并不轻松,而这却已经常的在发生。神圣之光会把 这些舒适的幻象带入终结,它曾经在这颗星球上每日的生活中交织着。神圣之光需要个人在自我的观点上重新调整与适应。它开始打开对所有一切更高之光的林荫大 道。

This is the task before humanity now. To awaken and realize that they, individually and collectively, carry more power than they realized they held within them and then to begin to make conscious choices to move into a more refined way of living that honors all inhabitants on this world as the sovereign beings that they truly are. To honor the light that is an inherent spark within that is their connection with the Divine. To create a world where there is true equality for all its inhabitants and where their home planet is recognized as a conscious sentient Divine being who is part of a greater network of worlds beyond and to work diligently to restore Her to her former glory in every thought, word and action so that their world can rejoin the rest of the universe as an honored member of a vast system of worlds who work together in peace and harmony.

现在这便是人类眼前的任务。去觉醒并明白他们,作为个体,作为集体,能够执掌超出他 们曾经认为的内在所持有的更大力量,随后开始做出有意识的选择走入一种更为精妙的生活方式,它尊重这个世界上的每个居民,作为主权的存有去表达他们真实所 是的样子。去荣耀这股光芒,它是一股内在的火焰,人类与神性连接的桥梁。去建造一个对其所有居民都公平的世界,在这里他们的家园星球被看作是一颗有意识 的,有感情的神圣存有,她是一个更伟大超越世界网络的部分,同时在每个想法,话语和行为中以勤勉的工作去恢复她曾经的荣耀,如此而来他们的世界便能够再次 加入到宇宙的行列,作为一个受人尊敬的巨大世界系统的成员,在和平与和谐之中一同合作。

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

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