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【大天使麦克】20140328 《扬升只会发生在你的心中》

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Greetings to you � this is Archangel Michael speaking – and here I return to you with another new message. And I shall take up again all threads whichwere left off last time.


Of course it is still the same subject : it is all about ascencion.And as I mentioned before and so did St.Germain as well: all ascension starts in your heart � in your inner self!And I will continue at that mark � taking your hand and leading you all through this subject again as it is the most important subject of all � in order to make you aware finally where it is � “The Very Key” ! Which key ? “The Very Key “to your very personal ascension!

当然还是同一个主题:都是关于扬升。正如我之前提及的以 及圣哲曼的所说:所有的扬升始于你的心—你内在的自我!我会继续这个话题—拉起你的手,引领你们通过这个主题,因为这是最重要的—为了让你最 终意识到它在哪里—“关键(钥匙)”!什么关键(钥匙)?到达你个人扬升的关键(钥匙)!

You will sense by the tone of my voice and its energy that this is regarded an urgent matter – and this I stress in the utmost way � urgently – it is necessary that you finally comprehend this vital fact ! It is with special emphasis that I remind you again here that it is entirely upon your very own responsibility to effect your ascension!


Nobody else � no Archangel, no Ascended Master, no extraterrestrial race � whosoever � will be held accountible for your ascension. It is solely you and nobody else which have to effect this ascension.


It will take place in your Inner Self in the core of your heart representing solely your soul. Since there is it where the key � your very personal and own key has been placed.


Many of you have queried what it is about this very key � “What is the matter with such a key, I do not understand what it is meant by it ? Michael is telling us some funny story using funny words!”


No, not at least these are neither funny stories nor funny wording too!”


All my messages were lectures and hints meant for you so that you may comprehend finally that it is your soul solely being the key for ascension. “Heart” expressed here as a term is being used only as a sort of deputy in place of your soul � being the true residence of it.


To give you some little sort of help in such context just imagine yourself � having arrived at some portal. Shall we name this portal “Portal of Ascension” � your very personal Portal of Ascension?


Close your eyes and visualize how you are standing on the threshold of some door! There is no keyhole to be seen into which you may put some sort of key, no doorknob to be turned or pushed! How such a door might be opened at all? How do I manage to open up this very door when being on its threshold.


Yes, it is so simple since your soul is the very key to it. Once your soul is prepared and mature enough to open up this door � i.e. your consciousness has grown so much � this door will open up by itself. It is like the charm and magic password of ” Open up Sesame” in some old Arabic Story.


“This door or portal will start resonating with your heart � meaning � will your soul, your heart level itself up to the frequency of the door’s innate vibes at this moment the door will open up by itself!


Do you understand me now � did you finally grasp about what we talked so many times before?


If, however, your heart respectively your soul still vibrates at some lower frequency … by which is meant that your consciousness still vibrates at some lower level of frequency � this door will remain locked and closed henceforth.And will stay in such condition � closed and locked � until you will be prepared � i.e. your soul may be prepared to produce some adequate resonance with this very door which in such case will become the door of ascension widening itself to some huge portal � “Your Very Own and Personal Portal of Ascension”.


And you will be able to pass through “Your Very Own and Personal Portal of Ascension”! Do you finally and really understand now what we mentioned and explained to you so many times until now?


Now, if you now “got the Hang of it” here � you will know what to do with it or ?


I am quite aware of that there are still some people at some loss to understand what I mean.


You wonder I – AAMichael � am talking in riddles � and you do not know what is the meaning of my talks here? “What is my soul meant to do in order to open up this door? How do I get my soul, my heart into some real resonance to effect this door to open up?”


Now, this again I want to tell you too although we have talked repeatedly about it before with you. Not only through this my channel here � no, through many of them dispersed all over the entire Earth having received alike messages from the light.We approached you with this topic of your ascension from all angles � attempted to submit to you in various ways what it is all about to prepare oneself in heart and soul so that you may obtain the right level of resonance with your “Very Personal Portal of Ascencion” since this will be the key to your very personal ascension.


And repeatedly as well, we explained to you what it is all about. And you having read all messages one after the other � yes, you did consume all such messages, thought about it and processed your thoughts in some ways too � many of those messages � integrated them too � still many of such messages � in their actual essence – were simply not understood at all.


“Now, how do we succeed to raise our heart into this kind of resonance?” Here also I should like to explain this to you.


“All that you do � do it out of love � live love � be good to yourself � be good to your fellow humans, to animals � to nature!”


Do conduct your life with all your consciousness, consciously enjoy everything that is fun for you � all interactions with other people should be done consciously � and with all that surrounds you too.


Many people live life like a “fast speed train” � rushing through all the world � meeting other people � working themselves through their given issues and all this they do all the way unconsciously. They will return to their homes in the evening � exhausted, burnt out and beaten by their days’ energies. And if I question you what did you do today, whom did you meet, what did you have for lunch and last not least “did you experience something nice and uplifting today? Yes, what does come into your mind now as some adequate response to it ?

许多人的生活就像”高速列车”—仓促地穿梭于世界 —会见他人—解决自己被给予的问题,他们都无意识地做着这些事情。他们在晚上回到家—精疲力竭,被日常的活动消耗殆尽。如果我质问你今天做了 什么,你见了谁,你午餐吃了什么,”有遇到什么好玩的,令人兴奋的事吗?”是的,现在你的头脑中浮现了对此什么样的反应呢?

If you could tell me now quite consciously what you had for lunch, what you really have done and whom you met today and what kind of loving talks you have had … yes, in such case you have lived this day very consciously! Yes, that was a day, truly lived by you in the very sense of it � consciously! And I repeat again here: ” you did live it up to its true essence!” With all that is you – Your Very “I Am” had truly taken part in your life !


You did embrace your day all the way � accepted it as such since you have gone through it very consciously � YOU DID GO THROUGH THIS DAY WITH ALL YOUR HEART – thus living it up to its essential essence


Those rushing through their lives � they do not live consciously. They speed on from some mark to another one on their way and thereby missing while on their speedy route from one mile-stone to the next one that there is beauty on the wayside to marvel at or finding out about people wanting to be met and to be greeted. Do you know what I mean?


To do and deal with all life matters in some sort of conscious sense will have such effects that your soul will be transformed by it in consciousness . Your vibrations will rise i.e. you will ascend around the frequency-axis of some spiral � effecting also that very vibration of body and soul to some alteration too. Yes indeed, then it is done – you will reach a certain level or mark � some point of resonance in your heart, in your soul ―which then turns out to be unlocking this Portal to open up finally for you. This is when your soulmay effect the opening for you to pass through � this is the very point of passing over the threshold and through your Portal of Ascension and not one single moment earlier.

有意识地处理所有生活问题,你的灵魂就会被这个意识所转变。你的振动就会提升,你就会围绕某些旋转频率轴而扬升—也会改变身体和灵魂的振动。是的,然后就可以了—你会到达某个层面—与心、灵魂共振 的点—然后这个门户会最终地为你开启。这就是灵魂帮你通过这个门户—通过这道门,你的扬升门户,恰当正好。

I repeat it once again here: Ascension starts in your heart � commences in your soul and together WITH your soul.


We shall not cover any more this topic again and never discuss it any longer. All the people which really succeed to take these very facts to their heart � understanding this message and being able to turn it over in their ways � they will be able to achieve ascsension.


Others may be able to do so in alike ways in future. And it is quite alright too. Please, keep in your mind and heart: “It is alright � anything is alright!” There are those achieving it right away � yet there are still others needing some more time. Blessed are all your ways � including all those people too which are not able to achieve ascension in their present incarnation. They are being loved and guided equally by us without any differentiation. However, their destiny has been planned in some other way.


On reflecting my entire message once again � I do hope � you will be able to sort out how much again I have emphasized here the most essential topics! I do not want to appear impatient in any way � as basically we are patient when submitting all our mesages to you. However it is my fervent hope that now you get aware that it is getting increasingly more and more urgent that you make up your mind to make your decisive steps now!


As time is running out on you as you still live in and under pressure of time . You will have time up to a certain point or markstone and then it will run out on you… meaning this very Portal finally will be closed for good and you will have had it done � no more chance for you !


Still keep in mind: it would be some most silly doing to panick now and moreover to be afraid would turn out equally bad. As this would draw you and your soul down to some lower level of your vibes’ frequencies meaning all your foregone labour to effect raising your vibes, level up their frequencies, would be destroyed � stalled so that you might have to make another fresh start from scratch.


No, not by any means � fear is not a good ally in such issue at all!


ALWAYS STAY IN YOUR HEART, stay in your inner core of yourself � in the eye of the storm � when all the chaos will rise up around you and you will be safe in every way.


Concluding this message of today. I am Archangel Michael, one of the many Archangels and all those Ascended Masters having accompanied you in all previous years. We submitted to you manifold pieces of information and sage knowledge � all embedded in many messages � always attempting to demonstrate to you what is meant by achieving some entirely personal way of ascension.


Time to talk and discuss will run out soon! This now is vital for you to comprehend at last! Take to your hearts that now is the time of action! Also you must become aware consciously that your destiny has been laid into your own hands! If you have perceived here everything � and integrate it deep in your hearts too � here are my congrats to you in which case you render me a very happy Archangel – including all of us as well and everyone else having submitted to you our messages many a year!


I DO LOVE YOU DEARLY from all my heart � I am Archangel Michael




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