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The Psyche – 22
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Power Of Thought – 5
So everything becomes even much worse. Illnesses of all kinds take possession of the human being, who has thus destroyed himself/herself; horrible depressions, nervous breakdowns, organ cramping, heart cramps, convulsions and psychic and moral destruction drive him/her to insanity and to suicide, in which case, he/she does not consider that everything is only their own fault, because they have failed themselves — failed in their own consciousness, in their own security and in their own self-confidence, ability and volition.
于是,一切变得越来越糟糕。各种疾病蜂拥而至,由此他毁掉了他自己;可怕的沮丧,神经崩溃,器官衰退,心脏痉挛,抽搐以及psyche和精神上的毁坏让他发疯并且自杀,在此,他并不觉得一切都是他自己的错,错在他们让自己失败 – 错在他们自己的意识,自己的安全感,自己的自信心,能力与主动性上。

From the illnesses, suggestively and forcefully brought about* through the consciousness-based disinterest which extend themselves frighteningly fast and strongly over the entire nervous system, soon result many other psychosomatic and physical illnesses which are often connected with great pain. So it is absolutely possible thereby, that a human being can dig his/her own premature grave, because he/she prematurely prepares an inglorious end to their life. This, in unknowledge of the fact, that even the deepest psychic defeat signifies an absolute ridiculousness in contrast to the unmeasurable greatness of the human spirit and consciousness. No thinking human being could psychically fall so low that he/she could no langer be helped, that he/she could not again lead a normal, healthy, cheerful and happy life. In order to do this it only requires the necessary cognition, the certainty and the knowledge that it is truly so. And towards this cognition, for this certainty and the knowledge, it only requires a &39;Stein des Anstosses&39;.

After that, any human being is able to heal himself/herself, indeed, with absolute knowledge, they even heal themselves and form their life completely anew and better than before because now they know with absolute certainty that they determine their life, their path in life, their whole character, every low and high, and their entire destiny themselves. And this cognition is of lasting value. To this Tolstoy said: "The human being lies from the spirit and not from the body. When he/she knows that and their life lies not in the body but in the spirit, then you can lock them behind iron bars, in chains, yet they will always be free." No human being is compelled to believe the explanations of this writing. They may be accepted or dismissed; quite how one always wishes. Of the negating ones, in spite of their critical repudiating mentality, the thorn of stimulation and the germinating cognition will pierce into their thought-world, through which, wanted or unwanted, they nevertheless become stimulated by the sense of the content of the writing. The affirmative one will achieve consolation, healing and power, become a human being and learn to understand the spirit and the consciousness, as well as life. But the teaching should not only bring healing of uncountable disastrous things but also lifesuccess and cognitions. Thereby no claim is raised that everything which one can know about the truth will be said. Only a few things have been set down about the truth which have been learned and taught over a time span of millions of years, up to the present life. Without ill will towards anyone, this writing is determined for all those who need it and who are able to gain power and cognitions from it. lt is determined for the suffering humankind which live in unknowledge as to why they live.


但他不知道的是,即使 psyche上最深重的问题意所味的,不是人类的灵与意识的不可估量的伟大,而恰恰是一种绝对的荒谬。任何有思想的人都不会在psyche上堕落到那样深的地步,以至于没人能够帮得了他,他也在不能回到那种正常的,健康的,欢欣的和快乐的生活。为了要这样做,只需要必要的认知,确定性以及真实的知识。要通往这种认知,要获得这种确定性和知识,只需要一个”绊脚石”。之后,任何人都能够疗愈他自己,事实上,有了绝对的知识,他们甚至能够疗愈自己并且过上一种全新的,比以前更好的的生活,因为现在他们有了绝对的确定性,知道他们自己决定了他们的生活,他们生命的轨迹,他们的整个性格,每一次快乐与悲伤,以及他们自己的整个命运。并且这种认知具有永恒的价值。关于此,托尔斯泰说过:”人的根本是他的灵,而不是他的身体。当他知道他的生命是不是基于身体而是灵的时候,就算身陷囹圄,他也是永远自由的。”没有任何人必须要相信对它的这种解释。人们可以认可或者不认可它;按照他们自己的意愿。对于持否定看法的人,尽管他们有吹毛求疵的心态,但是认知的萌芽将会透入他们的思想世界,通过它们,无论是否想要,他们无论如何都会被这段文字的含义所刺激到。持肯定看法的人会获得蔚籍,疗愈和力量,成为真正的人类,并且去学会理解灵与意识,还有生命。但这种教导不应该仅限于去疗愈无数的灾难性的事情,而还应该给人们带来生命中的成功与认知。就此不是说一个人能够知道的所有有关真理的内容都将在这里 被提到。在过去数百万年直到现在,关于真理的知识一直在被教导,被学习,但只有一些被人类所学会。不带对任何人的恶意,此文为了所有能够从中获得力量和认知的人所写。它是为了那些不知道自己生命的意义的人所写。


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